What to Do with Boston's Emancipation Statue?
The Groton Herald

October 8, 2021

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Read an expanded version of Jeffrey's article in The Groton Herald on Boston's Emancipation Memorial statue detailing George Boutwell's involvement. The original article was published in Boston's CommonWealth Magazine (see below).

Don't Ship Emancipation Statue Away: Put It in a Museum
CommonWealth Magazine

August 12, 2021

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Read Jeffrey's article recommending that Boston's replica of Abraham Lincoln and a kneeling ex-slave holding broken chains be located with other exhibits of the city's Museum of African American History, such as a video/hologram of Frederick Douglass giving the original dedication speech and extracts from George Boutwell's Senate report on white supremacist violence in Mississippi in 1875.  

 (photo credit, Stuart Cahill/Media News Group/Boston Herald)

Richmond's Lee Statue, After 131 Years, Is an Unpardonable Insult
The Washington Post

July 11, 2021

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Read Jeffrey's op-ed based on an 1890 newspaper editorial he discovered in George S. Boutwell's papers, entitled "An Unpardonable Insult," describing the ceremony at the unveiling of the Robert E. Lee statue in Richmond, Virginia.  More than 131 years later, we're still living with the consequences of memorials to the Lost Cause of southern white supremacy. A print version of the article is also available.

 (photo credit, John McDonnell/Washington Post)

President Grant's Visit to Groton and the Gold Ring Scandal
The Groton Herald

June 17, 2021

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Ulysses Grant spent the night at the Groton home of George Boutwell, his Secretary of the Treasury, on June 16, 1869, shortly after they had attended the extravaganza National Peace Jubilee in Boston. It was during the summer of 1869 that Wall Street operators Big Jim Fisk and Jay Gould (pictured left) were planning to manipulate the gold market, which Grant and Boutwell foiled on Black Friday, September 24, when they released four million dollars of Treasury Department gold into the market.

George S. Boutwell and the KKK Act
The Baltimore Sun

April 18, 2021


Read Jeffrey's article about how George helped President Grant initiate the KKK Act of 1871, which sought to protect Black voting rights in the South and today is the basis for federal lawsuits against Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and others for seeking to prevent Congress from carrying out its lawful duties in certifying the 2020 election. George and Ulysses took a famous carriage ride up Pennsylvania Avenue on March 23, 1871, that is helping protect American democracy 150 years later.

George S. Boutwell and Redeeming America's Promise

Lecture for the Groton Historical Society


February 28, 2021

3:00 p.m.


Jeffrey spoke about his forthcoming book on George S. Boutwell to the 125th annual meeting of the Groton Historical Society. He highlighted George's special relationship with Presidents Lincoln and Grant, his role in the impeachment of President Andrew Johnson, and his Senate investigation of white supremacist violence in Mississippi in 1875. With the talk subtitle "St. George v. the Three Dragons," Jeffrey recounted George's interactions with three members of  American political royalty who, like George, were all from Massachusetts: Henry Adams, Henry Cabot Lodge, and John F. Kennedy.

January 28, 2021


Read the front page article on George Boutwell's remarkable political career from 1839 to 1905, all made possible when George moved at age 17 from the family farm in Lunenburg, Massachusetts, to take a job in a dry goods store and study law in nearby Groton in 1835. A separate opinion piece highlights the links between the Lost Cause of southern white redemption during the Reconstruction era in the 1870s and the white supremacist violence at the U.S. Capitol building in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.

Joseph Rotblat: Singular Figure of the Nuclear Age

Lecture at Los Alamos Historical Society

November 12, 2019


Boutwell gave a talk on the life and career of the Polish nuclear physicist Joseph Rotblat, whom he knew for 20 years, to an audience of current and retired physicists and scientists at Los Alamos. The talk covered Rotblat's work on the atomic bomb at the Manhattan Project in the 1940s to the Pugwash Conferences on Science and World Affairs. Rotblat and Pugwash were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1995 for their efforts to limit nuclear weapons.

May 28, 2015


Boutwell was interviewed on CBS Evening News in May 2015 about U.S.-Cuba projects he organized promoting ocean fisheries conservation involving two of Ernest Hemingway's grandsons, John and Patrick Hemingway, as well as American and Cuban marine biologists.

(Pictured left to right are Jeffrey Boutwell, Master Angler Dr. Marty Arostegui, and John Hemingway, grandson of Ernest Hemingway)