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Books by Jeffrey H. Boutwell


Boutwell, in addition to the books below, has written a wide range of articles and opinion pieces for Scientific American, Daedalus, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Los Angeles Times, Christian Science Monitor, Defense News, and other journals and newspapers.  He's also been interviewed on CBS Evening News, CNN, PBS, National Public Radio, and other media outlets.

The German Nuclear Dilemma


Examines the interplay between NATO nuclear strategy, US-European relations, West German domestic politics, and relations with East Germany during the nuclear modernization controversies of the 1970s and 1980s.

Israeli-Palestinian Security:
Issues in the Permanent States Negotiations


The report of an Israeli-Palestinian Study Group involving senior aides to Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and PLO President Yasir Arafat analyzing areas of converging agreement on Israeli and Palestinian security requirements, the status of Israeli settlers in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, Palestinian refugees and Jerusalem.

Weapons in Space


A comprehensive review of President Reagan's Star Wars program, including policy and technical analyses of space-based ballistic missile and anti-satellite weapons systems and their impact on nuclear deterrence.   

Lethal Commerce:
The Global Trade in Small Arms and Light Weapons


A look at the growing proliferation of military-style automatic weapons around the world, their impact on nationalist and ethnic conflicts, and international measures to break the link between the trade in small arms and civil conflict.

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