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Boutwell: Radical Republican and Champion of Democracy

(Forthcoming from W.W. Norton in January 2025)


Author's Note



Part One: From Massachusetts to Washington, D.C., 1818-1860

Chapter 1: Young Mr. Boutwell

Chapter 2: Rising Star in Massachusetts Politics

Chapter 3: Governor of Massachusetts

Chapter 4: Birth of the Republican Party


Part Two: Abraham Lincoln and the Civil War, 1860-1865

Chapter 5: Organizing for War

Chapter 6: Financing the War

Chapter 7: The Promise of Emancipation


Part Three: Andrew Johnson and Reconstruction Struggles, 1865-1868

Chapter 8: Reconstruction and the Fourteenth Amendment

Chapter 9: Impeaching the President

Chapter 10: The Fifteenth Amendment and the 1868 Election


Part Four: Ulysses Grant and America’s Troubled Rebirth, 1868-1885

Chapter 11: Managing America’s Economy

Chapter 12: The General and the Governor

Chapter 13: A Most Trusted Cabinet Member

Chapter 14: Reconstruction Dying

Chapter 15: With Grant to the End

Part Five: Theodore Roosevelt and America Abroad, 1885-1905

Chapter 16: The Annexation of Hawaii and the Spanish-American War

Chapter 17: Republic or Empire?

Chapter 18: A “New” Emancipation Proclamation






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